Safe Trader Scheme – What It Means for You?

Safe Trader Scheme

What is Safe Trader Scheme?

The Safe Trader Scheme is being actively implemented across the UK and other countries to help protect businesses, traders and buyers against criminal liabilities arising from stolen good, computer and other potential technology fraud. The Safe Trader Scheme comprises mandatory minimum standards that have been designed to ensure that business who registered to be part of the scheme is equipped to deliver good customer service.

The Safe Trader Scheme is a guided Code of Practice and does not intend to interpret, qualify or replace UK laws. It is also not intended to cover scenarios where inter-trade sales or transactional arrangements where specific conditions have been agreed between respective parties.

The Safe Trade Scheme also does not directly address wider issues such as the quality of the particular goods or services provided, or the financial standing of the business. Although some regulatory requirements are taken into consideration, it is not in any way intended to audit or endorse these activities.

There are many instances where customers do not understand what information exist to help them or how best to approach situations involving strict safe traders requirements. How would you go about making such selections?

Eligibility for the Safe Trader Scheme

It is common to finds businesses that are trading within the locality of their geographic to be eligible for application to join the Safe Trader Scheme register.

The full remit of the scheme will not be covered in this article but in summary, key considerations include:

  1. General Administration of the Scheme: Rights of management, alteration and notification / updates.
  2. Responsibilities of members: Compliance with regulations and civil laws and extent of legal obligations.
  3. Responsibilities of Scheme Administrators: How contractual complains are resolved and underlying procedures for allocating work to parties.
  4. Fees & Membership Subscriptions: Introduce or amendment of fees or charges related to the Scheme or business consultancy / advice.

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